Drupal Strengths

In this article we will high light the strength of Drupal CMS. These are some of the benefits that can be mentioned, of course there are many. When you are talk about Drupal you are talking about So much internationally active talent, so much engineering, so much quality! Drupal is the only CMS Framework.

Now Drupal has hit the mainstream. To be clear, this has had absolutely nothing to do with so-called success in the "enterprise" market, with its confusion, destructive short-sightedness, greediness and anarchy of production. One of the downfalls of Drupal is that some smart alecks have pushed the community towards up market instead of long tail (think Wordpress). No, Drupal has hit the mainstream of working stiffs, the critical mass of people who actually do web app building. So nowadays you can find support (how do I ..?) and other resources as fast as you can type into Google... which, yes, goes straight to the appropriate issue queues!

  1. Community
    OK. Many projects have a "community" but what Drupal has is incredibly unique. We thrive on getting together. Our national North American conference [DrupalCon] brings in 3,100+ ppl. Our regional events [DrupalCamps] bring in from 100 in smaller towns to nearly 1,500 in major cities. When we get together we share all our best practices and show the methods used to release our most recent projects. We also have CodeSprints where we actively work together to advance specific projects. Right now the focus is building Drupal8 for release in August 2013.
  2. Distributions
    We don't expect ppl to always download Drupal core then build their own intranets or online stores or event management systems or news publication sites or Government portals. Instead we provide FREE distributions of Drupal that come pre-built for just those scenarios. See a full list of distributions available here: Distributions | drupal.org
  3. The Drupal API
    Drupal is a hybrid between a standard CMS and a very progressive Framework. We never claim to be CodeIgnitor or Cake or Zend, but we do have an extraordinary API that allows for amazing granularity of workflow control. Our implementation of "Hooks" and "Callbacks" through our clever "Function Naming Convention" hands the raw power of customization to the code monkey who's client is a control freak. We never say, "Ehhh... That's just the way Drupal does it. Live with it!" By being a rapid deployment system, Drupal allows more time for tweaking what needs tweaked or adding what needs added.